Khoi Studio: Outdoor couple portrait photography in Hoi An

Khoi Studio: Outdoor couple portrait photography in Hoi An

Travel photography service in Hoi An for individuals, couples, families, groups of friends at home and abroad. Reasonable price with fast and convenient working process.

You have a plan to travel to Hoi An, you need to find a reliable photographer to convey the idea of ​​your photo request, you need someone to record the moment of yourself and your loved ones, contact Khoi Studio for advice, planning photography in a specific way.

Da Nang and Hoi An | Book a photography tour with a local photographer. Photos: Khoi Studio.

With photography prices starting from 1,000,000 VND/hour, visitors can be photographed by the photographer to create a variety of images, suitable for each person's specific scene, subject, and personal style. If you are a photography lover and can model well, let us create a lot of images for you. If you're not used to posing for a photo, we can help.

We recommend a minimum of 2 hours for a travel photography package. Up to 4 hours for a photo session. If you have many costumes and places to take photos, you can divide them into several sessions.

If you are a Vietnamese tourist or you need to take less photos, you can choose an economical photography package, just different from the usual photography package in a shortened time. We still aim to take lots of pictures and ensure the best customer service. Please contact us directly for a suitable discount.

Khoi Studio: Outdoor couple portrait photography in Hoi An
Hoi An ancient town, is like a large "film studio", where visitors can take new pictures, even though they have returned many times. Image: Khoi Studio.

The location of the photo shoot will be selected according to the requirements of the visitor. Our suggested photography schedule: depart from Tam Quan Chua Ba Mu or Japanese bridge, walk to take pictures along Hoai River (Bach Dang or Chau Thuong Van street) or walk along the road Tran Phu and Nguyen Thai Hoc (where there are yellow street corners and alleys, cafes with beautiful views to see the old town from above...).

In order for a photo session to go smoothly, please cooperate with the photographer. A good spirit is an indispensable condition for you to be a good photo model.

Let us know your ideas, request pictures to take, I can provide the best service.

Hoi An Photographer | Outdoor couple portrait photography in Hoi An
A random moment in a photo session of Khoi Studio. We love creating unique photos, instead of taking photos in an "industrial style". Image: Khoi Studio.

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