Photo tour with bougainvillea in summer in Hoi An ancient town

Photo tour with bougainvillea in summer in Hoi An ancient town

Bougainvillea flowers along with yellow walls and ancient houses are the typical beauty of Hoi An. When visiting the old town, tourists often look for places with blooming bougainvillea flowers to stop and take photos.

Photo tour with bougainvillea in summer in Hoi An ancient town
Take outdoor portrait photos with bougainvillea flowers at Tran Phu Street, Hoi An. Photo: Khoi Studio.

Bougainvillea has been planted by local people to decorate and create shade in front of houses in Hoi An for decades. Bougainvillea flowers in the old town come in many popular colors such as: pink, white (can be orange). 

Bougainvillea flowers have good vitality, despite unfavorable soil and weather conditions. Under good care conditions, flowers can live healthy for decades. Propagating the tree is also easy by cutting and planting the branches in moist soil.

Flowers begin to bloom at the beginning of the dry season, around March-April every year, gradually falling or growing sparsely during the rainy season, around September to spring of the following year.

Visitors can easily see the graceful beauty of this flower as soon as they set foot in the old town, along main streets such as: Tran Phu, Bach Dang, Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoang Van Thu, Le Loi ...

This article shares basic, brief information for tourists who want to learn about taking photos with bougainvillea flowers in Hoi An.

Find locations to grow bougainvillea in Hoi An ancient town

Photo tour with bougainvillea in summer in Hoi An ancient town
Hoi An Couple Photography Tour. Image: Khoi Studio
  • Bougainvillea tree in front of Cao Lau Green Space restaurant - 687 Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An. This is a small alley area leading into Hoi An ancient town, in the direction from the intersection of Hai Ba Trung - Phan Chau Trinh. The owner runs a food service business, so tourists quickly take photos when stopping here.
  • Bougainvillea trellis in front of Sunday in Hoi An store - 184, Tran Phu, Hoi An. This area is opposite the Cau Pagoda so it is often crowded with people passing by during rush hours. Photography activities should take place quickly so as not to affect business activities and traffic in the area.
  • Bougainvillea at Tran Phu - Le Loi intersection. This place often attracts a large number of tourists who stop to take photos because it is spacious and easy to find.
  • Bougainvillea flowers at Tran Phu - Hoang Van Thu intersection. This area has a Chinese assembly hall, coffee shops, people selling street food and fashion... and is often quite crowded during afternoon rush hour.
  • Bougainvillea flowers next to Tan Ky ancient house (entrance on Bach Dang street). This location is quite interesting because of the presence of a small window right below the row of bougainvillea flowers or the legendary yellow wall. This location often hosts food and beverage businesses and stops for tourists using cyclos, so visitors should take photos quickly or take photos in the morning.
  • Bougainvillea flowers at Tran Phu - Chau Thuong Van intersection. This area has a Chinese Assembly Hall and many restaurants and businesses.
  • Many restaurant, hotel, and resort owners in Hoi An and Da Nang also choose bougainvillea to plant for decoration at their business locations. So, if you have the opportunity to stay or visit, take a commemorative photo with this flower, if you love its beauty.

How to pose for beautiful photos with bougainvillea

Vacation photography service with bougainvillea flowers in Hoi An ancient town (Vietnam) with a local photographer
Taking photos of ao dai with bougainvillea in Hoi An. Photo: Khoi Studio.

Bougainvillea flowers background can be suitable for taking photos of individuals, couples, families and groups of friends. If you take proposal photos, wedding photos, or wedding anniversary photos, they are all suitable. From some angles, if you know how to find the right composition and use the right equipment, you can take photos with bougainvillea flowers, which look like cherry blossoms in Japan.

You can refer to some ways to take photos with bougainvillea below or be creative according to your emotions.
  • Wear ao dai and conical hats to take photos with bougainvillea in Hoi An.
  • Wear a travel dress to show off your figure with bright bougainvillea.
  • Take wide-angle photos from the sidewalk or house in front of the bougainvillea trellis, or step back to take portrait photos with the bougainvillea in the background.
  • Take close-up portraits with blurred backgrounds with bougainvillea in the background. To achieve a beautiful background blur effect, you should stand far away from the bougainvillea trellis and use a lens with a large aperture (or a lens with a long focal length).
  • Take a close-up photo of your arm reaching high, gently touching the flowers
  • Take family photos or group photos with bougainvillea if you are not confident taking photos alone.
  • Pose for photos with bicycles and bougainvillea. Visitors can rent bicycles to walk around (rent bicycles by the hour or day with prices ranging from 50,000 - 100,000 VND) or ask to borrow a bicycle from the hotel/resort where you stay.

Notes when taking photos of bougainvillea flowers in Hoi An ancient town

Hoi An Couple Photography Tour. Image: Khoi Studio

Most bougainvillea trees are private property, so visitors should exercise caution when taking photos in front of houses. Most homeowners or renters here are familiar with tourists gathering to take photos in front of their house. However, some homeowners are not happy with the crowd's appearance because of their age and fear of affecting their business activities.

You should greet people or business people in the house if you see their presence. They will often be happy with friendly greetings. If you feel they are unhappy, find another place to take photos. The good news is, there are many places to grow bougainvillea in Hoi An.

Tourists should not throw trash or water glasses in front of local people's houses or shops. Garbage appearing on their front porch will set a bad precedent, reducing the openness of local people to the arrival of tourists.

Do not stand or sit in a position not authorized by the owner or in a place with signs prohibiting filming or taking photos, such as a painting shop.

Do not pluck flowers or break flower stems. Just standing underneath or next to the bougainvillea trellis, visitors can take beautiful photos.

Hire a travel photographer with bougainvillea flowers in Hoi An

Vacation photography service with bougainvillea flowers in Hoi An ancient town (Vietnam) with a local photographer
Take tourist photos in Hoi An ancient town with bougainvillea flowers. Photo: Khoi Studio.

If you feel bored with photos taken and edited on your phone and need high quality images, hiring an outdoor photographer is an option to consider. A professional photographer can help you pose, take photos, and edit photos for you.

If you need to hire a travel photographer in Hoi An, spend 1-2 hours taking photos around the old town area. You should take photos early in the morning when there are not many tourists gathering in the old town or take photos in the afternoon from 3-6pm (although there are many people at this time, the light may be better and you can take photos when the old town is lit by lanterns).

With many years of experience, Khoi Studio regularly takes outdoor portrait photos of tourists in Hoi An. Photographers can advise and guide tourists on how to pose to take beautiful photos with bougainvillea flowers. Images are often composed in a variety of ways, suitable for your body shape and the photography topic you choose.