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Keat Heng Yeoh (Malaysia)

We had a great engagement photoshoot with Khoi! He was very patient and guided us very well. He is also very sincere in his work and I would recommend anyone who wants to have a photoshoot to him! 

Melissa Auld (Australia)

Omg. The photographer was amazing... He took every photo that we had asked for and more capturing every special moments of our wedding. Would highly recommend.

Sarah Hofmann (Europe)

We had a wonderful photo shoot with Khoi. He is very competent and navigated us well. He knows what he is doing, my daughter had a lot of fun. We are very happy with the photos, we have a lot of great pictures! The service is really good, after one hour the photos are already processed and forwarded. Some of them have already been sent to my whatsapp. I can highly recommend him!

The price-performance ratio is simply top. I wrote to several photographers and he was the best with the best offer. Thank you khoi for the great experience. 

Wongi Jung (Korea)

Thanks to Khoi Studio, we now have a wonderful collection of photos from our time in Hoi An. Even though we made a last-minute reservation, Khoi Studio responded to us professionally and helped us set up our appointment. The photographer knew all the best photo spots around the Old Quarter, and we are extremely satisfied with the photos that were taken and edited. We highly recommend working with Khoi Studio for anyone interested in a professional photo shoot in the area. 

Thu Bích Lê Thị (Vietnam)

My family took photos of Khoi Studio many years ago, to preserve beautiful moments and events in life that, in retrospect, are very grateful to the photographer. Recently, me and a group of friends went to Hoi An and had some cute pictures taken by Khoi. The price is soft, but the photographer is interested again. 

Shukai Hsu (Taiwan)

Khoi is a very talented photographer and has a great eye for composition and ideas. I really enjoyed his photoshoot. Not only is he patient and easy going, you can tell he is very focused on ensuring he captures the perfect shot for you at each scene. He even gifted me a conical hat to keep and add more interesting elements into the photos. I'd highly recommend his photography service! 

Thanh Ngân Dương (Vietnam)

Thank you Khoi, you are very enthusiastic and dedicated to your job. Pictures of Hoi An are completely beautiful about the people and scenery here.

Chí Tây Nguyễn (Vietnam)

Good service, very professional and enthusiastic staff.

Bae Jong Hee (Korea)

Originally, it was supposed to be split into 2 parts and do it all day, but it rained so we apologized, filmed only the first part, and postponed it to the next day. It was awkward on the first day and it was difficult because of the rain. On the second day, I got used to it after seeing it once, and I was able to express it more comfortably, so I received a lot of good pictures. Koreans, if you have a pose or something you want to take, actively appeal it. It reflects everything. Mr. Koi is very kind. Get all the backgrounds and poses. ^^

You may not like it if you compare it to Korean snaps that cost tens of thousands of won, but we enjoyed it very much because the shooting itself became a memory during the trip. Thank you so much to Mr. Koi who smiled and filmed even in the rain. I like the photos too♡ It was fun to take care of her until the end. khoi- he is really kind and passionate. really recommended. great memory for our journey. 

Van Thi Nguyen (Vietnam)

Thank you Khoi for helping my family save beautiful and memorable moments when coming to Hoi An. Khoi is enthusiastic, creative, works very conscientiously and is very lovely. Thank you very much Khoi. If I have the opportunity to come back, my family will choose the service of Khoi Tran studio again. 

Annie Nguyen (Vietnam)

Khoi is very enthusiastic, pleasing to the guests, hard working and extremely cute. High recommend for you if you have the opportunity to come to Da Nang/Hoi An and want to take beautiful pictures! 

Cherry (Vietnam)

Shooting conscientiously and enthusiastically 

Thanh Như (Vietnam)

Chú Thợ chụp nhiệt tình, ảnh đẹp, tạo dáng vừa ý lắm luôn. Cảm ơn chú Khôi nhiều nhiều.